Ridata 52X CD-R 80min 700MB Silver Inkjet Hub Printable 50 piece

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Ritek Ridata is certified under QS 9000. Each RIDATA CD-R has to pass multiple quality control tests before it is released making it the most reliable optical data storage media. RIDATA provides diverse CD Recordable products to meet customer's unique needs. RIDATA is capable of offering the highest quality and compatibility discs. By using new developed advanced organic dye in the recording layer RIDATA has successfully produced CD-R with superb read-write quality reliability and durability. RIDATA CD-R has an extremely low error rate and a wide performance range. It guarantees highly stable writing/reading speeds up to 52X. RIDATA CD-R has achieved excellent environmental tests under high temperature and high humidity. After acceleration aging test RIDATA CD-R shows stable error ratio over 1000 hours which is of the same class more than 100 years storage under room condition.

Manufacturer: Ritek Ridata
Model Number: R80JS52-RD-IS50N

  • Category: CD-R Media
  • Color: Light Green Bottom
  • Capacity: 700MB 80Min
  • Type: CD-R
  • Surface: Silver Inkjet Hub
  • Speed: 52X

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